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Fury 1500 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Fury 1500 Tactical Unmanned Aerial VehicleFury 1500 is a small tactical unmanned aerial system designed and manufactured by AeroMech Engineering at their facility in San Luis Obispo, California. The arrangement consists of a aeriform launcher, aerodrome absolute air vehicle, carriageable arena ascendancy base (GCS) and baptize connectors to accredit waterborne recovery.

The car will backpack out intelligence, surveillance, assay (ISR) and cyberbanking warfare (EW) missions for the US Armed Forces. It captures absolute time intelligence abstracts and transmits it to the GCS through a SATCOM abstracts link.

Flying at a best distance of 18,000ft, the car can cede its operators with absolute time intelligence abstracts by active surveillance and assay operations over a baby area.

The Fury 1500 appearance basin shaped wings, low acoustic and beheld signatures, band of afterimage (LOS) and above band of afterimage (BLOS) SATCOM abstracts links and commercial-off-the-Shelf components. It is congenital with cloistral avionics to aegis the avionics on-board from the able radio abundance (RF) emissions.

It is adapted with a three bladed rotor at the rear section, to cede active force for the engine. An electro optic camera army below the centreline assembly area captures the absolute time adumbration or videos of the battlefields it is surveying.

The Fury 1500 can be controlled either manually from the GCS or through a absolutely automatic flight application mission administration software accepted as STANAG 4586 SharkFin, which carries out aeronautics control, video affectation and burden ascendancy missions. The flight analysis of SharkFin was agitated out in August 2007.