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S100B Argus Early Warning and Control Aircraft

The S100B Argus airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft entered service with the Swedish Air Force in 1997. The S100B (Saab 340B) aircraft built by Saab Aircraft, with an Erieye mission radar from Saab (formerly Ericsson) Microwave Systems.

Six S100B Argus aircraft were made for the Swedish Air Force, four of that are permanently equipped with early warning radar and two fitted for transport missions through out peacetime.

The airframe is a changed Saab 340B that is the hot and high variant of the Saab 340 regional aircraft, powered by GE CT-9B engines. The thrust lines of the engines, rather than being symmetrical about the centre line of the aircraft, are each angled to the starboard side in order to provide improved aerodynamic control in balance with the installation of the spine-mounted radar.

The aircraft structure incorporates larger strakes below the rear section of the fuselage below the position of the tail fin. small blade vortex generators are built into the wing and tail to change}the local airflow and provides improved control.