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G120A Trainer and Aerobatic Aircraft

G120A Trainer and Aerobatic AircraftThe G120A is a individual engine basic trainer and aerobatic aircraft advised and developed by Grob Aircraft of Germany. It was acquired from its antecedent G115TA aircraft. The G120A took off for beginning flight in 1999 and was put into account in 2001.

The aircraft accustomed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certifications in September 2001 for its +6/-4 g manoeuvring.

The G120A is of semi-monocoque design. It was advised to assassinate pilot screening, apparatus flying, aeronautics and mission tailored tasks even in affliction acute conditions. The able-bodied retractable landing accessory architecture facilitates the aircraft to abandonment and acreage on extemporaneous airstrips or abbreviate runways.

The G120A appearance a able-bodied and bane aggressive airframe fabricated up of carbon fibre blended materials. The lifespan of the airframe is accepted to be 15,000 hours. The aircraft is able with advance rods, flaps, ailerons, appendage and adenoids caster steering. A agenda video recorder and cameras are installed in the aircraft to appraise the pilot's performance.

The avionics apartment installed in the G120A includes Garmin 430 all-around accession arrangement (GPS), cyberbanking accumbent situational indicator (EHSI), cyberbanking attitude administrator indicator (EADI), transponder, emergency locator transmitter (ELT).

It aswell houses automated administration finder (ADF), apparatus landing arrangement (ILS), ambit barometer accessories (DME), G-meter and cyberbanking engine abstracts administration (EDM).