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ATL3 Atlantique Maritime Patrol Aircraft

ATL3 Atlantique Maritime Patrol Aircraft
The Atlantique ATL3 maritime patrol aircraft, incorporates an enhanced weapon way to do having a maximum 9,000kg payload, new technology engines, glass cockpit and sophisticated avionics and sensors.

The primary mission of these Atlantique is anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, but secondary roles consist of search and rescue, mine laying and detection and long range maritime surveillance.

The Atlantique ATL3 has four underwing hardpoints having a total capacity of 3,500kg for carrying missiles. In addition, it has a huge weapon bay along with other capacity to carry a maximum internal payload of 5,500kg, and can carry a range of ordnance and equipment to support deployment for out of area operations.

Various combinations of payloads could be loaded at the weapons bay having a option of: up to eight NATO torpedoes; two Exocet AM39 air-to-surface missiles; four Harpoon air-to-surface missiles; six mines (either 250kg or 500kg; eight anti-submarine warfare depth charges; 12 search and rescue containers; 200 sonobuoys; and 70 markers.