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KC-767 Aerial Refueling and Transport Aircraft

KC-767 Aerial Refueling and Transport Aircraft
The Boeing KC-767 is a military aerial refueling and strategic transport aircraft developed in one the Boeing 767-200ER. The tanker received the designation KC-767A in 2002, after being selected by the US Air Force At initial glance to replace older KC-135Es. In December 2003, the contract was frozen and later canceled because corruption allegations.

The KC-767 is intended to replace the aging fleet of KC-135E tankers, And this have been in service for much more than it is 40 years. The KC-767 tanker provides optimum fuel offload and range to meet the air-fueling and transport needs for military service, while delivering maximum operational flexibility and performance.

The capabilities of these KC-767 greatly exceed those of its predecessor. The new aircraft is capable of offloading 40,000 pounds much more fuel at a 1,200 NM radius. It provides 20 percent much more fuel offload than It is the the KC-135E tankers. The KC-767 can itself be refueled in flight. It also has the ability to refuel Air Force, Navy, Marine and allied aircraft on every mission. It provides nearer to cargo and passenger ability than It is the the KC-135E -- 19 versus 6 pallets, 200 versus 57 passengers.