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L-29 Delfin Advanced Jet Trainer

L-29 Delfin Advanced Jet Trainer
The L-29 DELFÍN two-seat jet aircraft created by Aero Vodochody was designed by Z. Rubliè and K. Tomás as a replacement of piston-engined trainers employed by Czechoslovak Air Force. The L-29 was the first jet aircraft ever designed in Czechoslovakia.

The aircraft is meant for each initial and advanced training, contains a strong air-frame; it can operate from rough grassy, sandy and muddy fields. it's designed so as to facilitate the pilots´ transfer to combat aircraft.

The L-29 contains two underwing hardpoints to hold tiny size weaponry. it's equipped with an ASP-3MN/U weapons sight, camera gun, either two 7.62mm machine guns or eight air to surface missiles and unguided bombs weighing up to 200kg.