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KDC-10 Advanced Aerial Tanker Aircraft

KDC-10 Advanced Aerial Tanker AircraftThe Boeing Company is offering advanced aerial tanker technology for the conversion of DC-10 civil transports for future military operations. Two DC-10-30 CFs have undergone modification to become Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10s.

Unlike aerial refueling technology currently used in the U.S. Air Force KC-10A, these new tanker aircraft will use a state-of-the-art Remote Aerial Refueling Operation (RARO) system. The RARO system which is currently available for installation only on Boeing DC-10 aircraft, includes three-dimensional operator displays and controls located in the forward main deck of the aircraft plus remote sensors that allow wing tip-to-wing tip viewing of the area aft of the tanker.

In current aerial tankers the refueling crew member is seated at a station with windows in the aft section of the aircraft as in the KC-10A, or in the prone position as in the KC-135R aircraft. Those systems rely on the naked eye to directly guide the boom for refueling.

The Global Airtanker KDC-10 is a hose and drogue and centerline boom military in-flight refuelling aircraft developed by the Global Airtanker Service company. The aircraft can carry 112,037kg of fuel, and a 40,823kg to 45,360kg payload, or alternatively 156,490kg of fuel with an additional fuselage tank. The aircraft is also able to transport freight or passengers. In addition, it can also refuel Nato aircraft namely F-16 fighter jets and other aircraft fitted with a boom system.