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Alpha Jet French/German Jet Trainer

Alpha Jet French/German Jet TrainerAlpha Jet French/German Jet TrainerAlpha Jet French/German Jet Trainer Photos

The Alpha Jet is a French / German jet trainer. That is, the French version is a trainer, and German is primarily a strike aircraft, replacing the Fiat G.91. The Alpha Jet is a twin-engine plane with a high setting, the moderate wing sweep. The Alpha Jet shows that an aircraft does not have to be a technological marvel that an effective fighter. Simple, cheap and easy to maintain, the Alpha Jet is well suited to low-intensity warfare.

The state of the art ground attack and attack aircraft are not cheap, and many air forces or capabilities of the Tornado Strike Eagle would be lost. However, there is much less expensive aircraft, often designed for different purposes, they are able to carry out ground attack missions in low threat environments.

The Alpha Jet is a Dassault-Breguet/Dornier coach Franco-German advanced was designed to have a secondary attack role. Indeed, German Alpha Jets are almost exclusively as a close support aircraft car, coach or aircraft weapons battlefield reconnaissance. Weapons load and avionics do not match the most advanced aircraft, but the Alpha Jet is easy to handle, easy to fly and easy to maintain. The Alpha Jet has been sold to several countries in Africa and the Middle East.