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Denel AH-2 Rooivalk Attack Helicopter

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk Attack HelicopterDenel AH-2 Rooivalk Attack HelicopterDenel AH-2 Rooivalk Attack Helicopter Photos

The Rooivalk attack helicopter is a next generation Denel Aviation of South Africa. The South African Air Force ordered 12 Rooivalk AH-2A, the first of which entered service in July 1999. The helicopters are part of No. 16 Squadron Air Force Base in Bloemspruit (near Bloemfontein).

The helicopters have been delivered and were required to have the Mokopa ZT-6 anti-tank missile. A production order for the Mokopa was placed in March 2004. Delays in the development of the missile means it is unlikely to integrate Rooivalk.

The helicopter is expected to reach its initial operational capability in the ability of late 2009, but complete with an anti-tank missile is not provided.