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Cheetah South Africa Fighter Jet

Cheetah South Africa Fighter Jet
The Atlas Cheetah is a single-seat multirole fighter jet, manufactured by Denel Aviation Systems (formerly Atlas Aircraft Corporation) in South Africa. it had been derived from the Dassault Mirage III aircraft.

Externally, the Cheetah differs from the original Mirage III by having a extended nose, canard foreplanes (to improve manoeuvreability), dog-toothed leading edges to the wings, and an in-flight refuelling probe. The Cheetah C is more distinguished by a refined and improved nose profile, a redesigned and repositioned in-flight refuelling probe (on the C-model it's above and behind the cockpit, on the starboard side), and a single-piece curving windscreen in place of the original three-segment windscreen.

The armaments commonly carried by the Cheetah C, D and E fighter aircraft include a 12.5kg practice bomb, a 120kg fragmentation bomb, a 120kg low-drag bomb, a 145kg bomb, a 250kg fragmentation bomb, a 460kg bomb, a 745 (Paveway) laser-guided bomb, a CB-470 cluster bomb, an mk81 250lb bomb, a mk82 500lb bomb and a Raptor 1 glide bomb (H-2). additionally, the Cheetah C is also equipped with a Vicon 18-601E bomb.