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Mi-28 Havoc Combat Helicopter

Mi-28 Havoc Combat HelicopterMi-28 Havoc Combat HelicopterMi-28 Havoc Photos

The Mi-28 Havoc combat helicopter has been developed by Mil helicopter plant in Moscow and is known by the NATO codename Havoc. In August 1996 Mil launched a prototype version of the night to day and capable, the Mi-28N Night Havoc. The first production Mi-28N took its first flight in April 2004 and began flight tests with the Russian Air Force in June 2005.

The Mi-28 Havoc has a conventional design with a helicopter gunship pilot and rear gunner in the front. He is armed with 30 mm trainable cannon in a turret located under the nose. Twin 150-round ammunition boxes are co-assembled to go, raise and lower with the same weapon. The gun is identical to the Russian vehicle combat infantry BMP-3 and uses the same ammunition.