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F-5 Tiger Supersonic Fighter Aircraft

F-5 Tiger Supersonic Fighter AircraftF-5 Tiger Supersonic Fighter AircraftF-5 tiger Photos

The F-5 tiger is a supersonic fighter combining low cost, ease of maintenance and versatility. More than 2,000 F-5 aircraft have been purchased by the Air Force for use by allied nations. The F-5, which resembles the USAF Northrop T-38 trainer, is suitable for different types of ground and air support intercept missions, including those that have to be carried out in the grass fields in combat areas.

The F-5 first flew on July 30, 1959 and deliveries to the Tactical Air Command for instructing foreign pilots began in April 1964. Pilots from Iran and South Korea were the first to be trained in the F-5, followed by pilots from Norway, Greece, Taiwan, Spain and other nations of the free world that have adopted the F-5. A two place combat trainer version, the F-5B, first flew in February 1964. In 1966-67, a squadron of the USAF F-5 flew combat missions in Southeast Asia for evaluation of performance.