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MiG-27 Flogger Soviet Tactical Air Force

MiG-27 Flogger Soviet Tactical Air ForceMiG-27 Flogger Soviet Tactical Air Force

The MiG-27 Flogger D / J production was completed in mid 1980. They are flown by the former Soviet tactical air force and naval aviation. The MiG-27 Flogger M, named Bahadur (Valiant) is built in India and is being manufactured today. The wings are high-mounted, variable, swept back and tapered with blunt tips. Not a motor inside the body and rectangular box-shaped air intakes in front of the wing roots. There is a single exhaust. The fuselage is long and tubular, unless the air intakes give a box-like appearance. The aircraft has a long, sloping down, pointed nose and a stepped roof. There is a large flap of belly, back, and tapered at the rear. The tail is swept back and tapered tail fin with curved dorsal in the tip and tip angle. Floors swept and tapered high-mounted on the fuselage with angular tips.

The MiG-27 shares the basic structure of the MiG-23, but with revised nose (hereinafter "Utkonos" platypus, in Russian service) presented in the MiG-23B, which suppresses the radar for a declining profile driver that improves visibility and has a laser rangefinder and marked target seeker. Additional cabin armor is installed, along with a completely new navigation-attack. Since the MiG-27 is designed to fly most of their missions at low altitude fighter variables ramps intake and exhaust nozzles have been removed in favor of simpler, fixed configuration, reducing the weight and the need of maintenance. The aircraft also has larger, heavier landing gear for easy operation of aerodromes poor.