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F-15 Eagle Multirole Fighters Aircraft

F-15 Eagle Multirole Fighters AircraftF-15 Eagle Multirole Fighters AircraftF-15 Eagle Multirole Fighters Aircraft Photos

The F-15 Eagle is one of the best multirole fighters Aircraft in the world. The F-15 entered service in 1974 and has reached an unprecedented perfect record of 100.5 aerial combat victories and zero losses. F-15 were responsible for breaking down 33 of the 35 fixed-wing aircraft Iraq lost in air combat during Operation Desert Storm, and the F-15 was responsible for breaking down four MiG-29 fighters during the conflict in the Balkans .

In Desert Storm, the F-15E Strike Fighter devastatingly effective always fly at night and in bad weather to attack numerous mobile Scud missile launchers and other high-value military targets on land. The F-15E also maintained an average of 95.5 percent mission capable rate, the highest of any fighter in the war. In the Balkans, the F-15E was the only fighter able to attack ground targets throughout the day in all weather conditions. The F-15E can carry loads up to 23,000 pounds and is the only fighter in the U.S. production able to make the long term, the precision strike mission.