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B-1B Lancer Multi-role Long-range Bombers

B-1B Lancer Multi-role Long-range BombersB-1B Lancer Multi-role Long-range BombersB-1B Lancer Multi-role Long-range Bombers Photos

The B-1B Lancer is a multi-role long-range bombers capable of flying intercontinental missions without refueling, then penetrating present and predicted sophisticated enemy defenses. You can perform a variety of missions, including that of a conventional weapons carrier for theater operations.

The variable geometry B-1 bomber was designed as the successor of the old B-52. The B-1A was written off, partly because the high-flying bomber was obsolete, and partly for political reasons. The B-1B Lancer version, more optimized for low-altitude attacks and stealth, is now integrated in small quantities. The B1 proved to be very intensive maintenance. Everything about the swing wing is a pain, hydro / fuel / ventilation rotary actuators, flaps, ailerons, and trim.