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AMX Light Attack Aircraft

AMX Light Attack AircraftAMX Light Attack AircraftAMX Light Attack Aircraft photos

The AMX is a light attack aircraft developed jointly by Italy and Brazil. The AMX has a small shoulder and swept wing, optimized for flight at low altitude and has fly-by-wire. It is a small and agile aircraft. Italian aircraft have a single M61 20mm cannon, and two Brazilian aircraft 30 mm DEFA cannon. A two-seat version of electronic warfare is under development.

The surface attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. The AMX is capable of operating at high subsonic speeds and low altitude, day or night, and if necessary, from bases with poorly equipped or damaged runways. Under the IR signature, reduced radar equivalent section of the vulnerability is low on the structure and systems guarantee a high probability of mission success. Integrated ECM, air-to-air missiles and nose mounted guns provide self-defense capabilities.

The AMX is a joint program undertaken by Alenia, Aermacchi and Embraer. It is used by the Brazilian Air Force (59 aircraft) and the Italian Air Force (107), and will enter service with the Venezuelan Air Force (8) soon, in the role of advanced training with the AMX-T variant. It has seen combat in the Kosovo campaign in the hands of Italian drivers who call it "Ghibli". Over 250 sorties were flow, with planes back to base before the end of the mission aircraft with mechanical problems and was not lost.