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X-47 Pegasus Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

X-47 Pegasus Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
The Pegasus unmanned combat air vehicle was initially developed below private funding by the integrated systems sector of Northrop Grumman at El Segundo in California. Pegasus received its X-47A designation in June 2001.

The X-47A provided a proof of concept for the Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Navy UCAV-N programme, and is spiral 0 in the spiral development programme targeted towards US Navy needs. the same programme managed by DARPA and the US Air Force covered the development of the Boeing X-45 targeted towards US Air Force demand.

The Pegasus airframe is a stealthy platform design. it's diamond-kite shaped with a 55° backward sweep on the leading edge and a 35° forward sweep on the trailing edge. The X-47A has a wingspan of 8.47m and is 8.5m long.

The Pegasus provided with an avionics suite supplied by BAE Systems Platform Solutions of Johnson city, New York. The avionics and vehicle management computer performs flight control processing, autopilot control, engine control processing, mission command and control, navigation and different functions.