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KA-28 Helix Rusian Naval Helicopter

KA-28 Helix Rusian Naval Helicopter
The Ka-28 helicopter is an export version of the Ka-27 anti-sub and rescue helicopter of the Russian Navy. Aircraft of the type were mass-produced in Kumertau, with a complete of 267 built By 2000, 33 Ka-28s were assembled. They were sold to China, India, Vietnam, Syria, Yugoslavia and Cuba. {below the 1998 contract, five Ka-28 anti-sub helicopters and three Ka-27PS search and rescue ones were delivered to China, three in 1999 and five in 2000.

The ship-based anti-submarine helicopter KA-28 is meant to be used to look, to trace and to destroy submarines in under-water and above-water positions, day and night, in easy and complex weather conditions at the depth of their immersion up to 500 m and travel races to 75 km/h, in the regions being remote from the purpose of the helicopter basing at the distance up to 200 km.

The export version of Ka-28 is developed on the idea of Ka-27 and differs from it by some on-board equipment units, "friend-or-foe" identification system and bigger fuel system capacity - 4,470 l. The operating ratings of TV3-117VMA engines, developed by the corporate, headed by Mr. A. Sarkisov, Designer General, were supplemented by higher-power emergency rating in case one of the engines fails.