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Ka-27 Helix Anti-Submarine Helicopter

Ka-27 Helix Anti-Submarine HelicopterKa-27 Helix Anti-Submarine Helicopter

The Kamov Ka-27 helix was developed to replace the Ka-25 Soviet naval service, and is now standard Russian Navy ship based Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) helicopters. Ka-27 helicopter is powered by two TV3-117 turboshaft engines km. The Ka-28, a modification of the Ka-27 is powered by two turboshaft engines more powerful TV3-117VK, rising fuel and takeoff weight.

TheKa-27 is equipped with a radar system for navigation and to detect submarines and surface markers of response. VGS-3 sonar detects submarines submerge, determines the coordinates of the submarines and data transfers in semi-automatic mode for data transmission equipment. The mission computer performs automatic control, stabilization and orientation of the helicopter mission areas to attack targets. The helicopter also has a magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) and an airborne receiver to detect and guide the helicopter towards sonar buoy radio transmissions.