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J-11 Chinese Light Fighter Aircraft

J-11 Chinese Light Fighter AircraftJ-11 Chinese Light Fighter Aircraft

The J-11 designation was originally applied in the design Shenyang Aircraft Factory in response to a 1968 requirement for a replacement PLAAF J-6 (MiG-19 Farmer). Nanchang Aircraft Factory J-12 proposal to this requirement. Shenyang's proposal was triggered by a British Spey 512 afterburnin turbofan engine and followed a conventional light fighter design, with wings swept back and side of the fuselage assembly entries. The J-11 was a sophisticated design for its time, but the British Spey-512 engines have been "difficult" for Communist China to obtain at that time. Shenyang factory was ordered to concentrate their energies in the J-8, and J-11 never went beyond the planning stage.