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Su-27 Superiority Fighter Aircraft

Su-27 Superiority Fighter AircraftSu-27 Superiority Fighter AircraftSu-27 Superiority Fighter Aircraft Photos

The Su-27 is a long range superiority fighter aircraft, comparable to the U.S. F-15, but superior in many respects. It is a twin-engine airplane with one wing and fuselage combination and double tail fins. At airshows the Su-27 has demonstrated a capacity for exceptional control at high angles of attack.

The huge Su27 airframe is constructed from advanced lightweight aluminum alloys and lithium, making it light for its size. The wing is designed with a pointed shape and extent wingroot. The wing has a sweep of 42 degrees main advantage of full span slats and trailing edge flaperons edge. The flaperons combine the functions of conventional flaps and ailerons and move in unison, bands to provide the lift and drag. They move in unison to function as ailerons.

The engines of the Su-27 are two turbofan engines designed by AM Lyul'la AL31F, the MMZ Saturn General Designer. These engines are considered very economical and has a capacity of 12,500 kg of static thrust in afterburner and 7600 kg in military power. The engine has proven reliable AL31F, robust and easy to maintain. When tested in severely disturbed airflow, and in extreme conditions, the engine performed effectively. That is why maneuvers like the tail slide and Cobra are possible.