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AW129 Multirole Combat Helicopter

AW129 Multirole Combat HelicopterAW129 Multirole Combat HelicopterAW129 Multirole Combat Helicopter Photos

The AW129 multirole combat helicopter is the latest variant of the A129 Mangusta (Mongoose) helicopter in service with the Italian Army. It is manufactured by AgustaWestland, a joint venture, which was originally formed by Finmeccanica of Italy and GKN in the UK, but now is wholly owned by Finmeccanica.

The International AW129 was renamed in 2007. The AW129 is a multi-role helicopter for reconnaissance and armed guards, high land value the commitment of the destination, escort, fire support and air threat suppression. He is armed with powerful new air-ground and air to air missiles, a cannon off-axis and a major weapon payload. The five-bladed A129 International also has more powerful engines than the four-bladed Mangusta.