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Tu-22M Backfire Medium-Range Bomber

Tu-22M Backfire Medium-Range BomberTu-22M Backfire Medium-Range BomberTu-22M Backfire Medium-Range BomberTu-22M Backfire Medium-Range Bomber Photos

The Tupolev Tu-22M (NATO 'Backfire') is a supersonic medium-Range bomber that was designed to exchange the subsonic Tu-16 and also the troublesome Tu-22 missile carriers. although its styleation could recommend that the 'Tu-22M' Backfire is basically a changed Tu-22 'Blinder' it's a totally different and new design with only many tiny Tu-22 options maintained. The Tu-22M design options a variable geometry wing that is also found on modern tactical fighters and the USA B-1B bomber. the 2 turbofan afterburning engines are not like nearly each other bomber located in its fuselage body, with massive shoulder mounted intakes, resembling the configuration of tactical fighters as the Su-24 and Tornado.

The aircraft can be equipped with up to 3 Kh-22 air-to-surface missiles, with one below every wing and a 3rd below its belly, semi-recessed into the bomb bay. The second ASM possibility is that the Kh-15 (NATO AS-16 'Kickback') on a six-round launcher carried within the bomb bay. Up to four external bomb racks can be equipped, every rack capable of carrying 9 standard 250kg general purpose bombs. also the 500, 1500 and 3000 kg standard bombs can be equipped. The Tu-22M is supplied with a Leninets PN-A attack radar in the nose and a OPB-15T tv sight for optical bomb aiming located below the fuselage simply in front of the nose gear.