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Mi-17 Hip H Multi-missions Helicopter

Mi-17 Hip H Multi-missions Helicopter
The Mi-17 helicopter, developed at the Mil design Bureau. The designation Mi-17 is for export; the Russian armed forces known as the Mi-8MT. The Mi-17 Helicopter is a medium weight, single rotor helicopter. The aircraft construction primarily incorporates the airframe of a Mi-8 with the ability train of the Mi-24, which provides an increase in performance and gross weight over the essential Mi-8. The aircraft is configured with a five bladed main rotor system (70 ft diameter), and a wheeled landing gear.

The MI-17 is a multirole helicopter used to resupply CLF guerrillas or insert PSOC detachments. It also can be very heavily armed with an extensive array or rockets, misslies and guns. it's usually used to air assault infantry forces to attack the purpose of penetration, reinforce units in contac or disrupt counterattacks. additional missions include; attack, direct air support, electronic warfare, airborne early warning, medevac, search and rescue, and minelaying.

The Mi-17 is capable of carrying cargoes in the cabin (including long cargo) with half-open or removed doors, external loads, or passengers (24 people). The Mi-17 can carry up to 30 troops and up to 20 wounded; it can also be used for in-flight unloading of special cargoes.