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Mil-26 HALO Heaviest Transport Helicopter

Mil-26 HALO Heaviest HelicopterMil-26 HALO Heaviest HelicopterThe Mil-26 Code name HALO is biggest largest and heaviest helicopter in the globe. can carry 20 tons off payload either internally or externally. This helicopter can carry 82 totally equipped assault troops. and it can be used as flying ambulance and in this role it can carry 60 lying casualties. it's capable launching at altitude and has been pasted until DBO i.e. 16500 ft. It can be used for civil engineering building of roads / bridges, building.

The Mi-26 is the first helicopter with an eight-blade main rotor, that is mounted higher than the fuselage midsection on a hump. 2 turboshaft engines are mounted on top of the cabin with spherical air intakes above and behind the cockpit and exhaust ports at the edges of the engines. The long, bus-like body with fixed tricycle landing gear tapers to the nose and rear, with an upswept rear section and rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit. The tail is swept-back with a slightly tapered fin with massive rotor on right side. The flats are forward-tapered and low-mounted on forefront of the fin.

The Mi-26 is propelled by 2 turbomotors Lotarev D-136 of 11.400 CV every one. Its titanium and principal glass fibre rotor has eight pale whereas the rotor of tail has of them 5 created glass fibre. it's a system of de-icing of pale and is the only helicopter in production that has a principal rotor comprising 8 pale. The Mi-26 contains a fixed three-wheeled landing gear whose wheels are twinned.