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Ka-52 Alligator Multi-role Combat Helicopter

Ka-52 Alligator Multi-role Combat Helicopter
Ka-52 Alligator Multi-role Combat HelicopterThe Ka-52 Alligator (NATO code name Hokum-B)is a multi-role all-weather combat helicopter, is intended for this purpose as a two-seat modification of the Ka-50 combat helicopter. Pilots accommodated side-by-side in one cockpit will fly this helicopter and handle all on-board systems. The Alligator retained all combat capabilities of its predecessor, as well the entire array of weaponry. it's outfitted with a multifunctional on-board integrated electronic flight, navigation and weapon control system. Its passive/active observation/search and sighting systems guarantee target search and their attack day/night in any weather conditions.

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is fitted with uprated TV3-117VMA turboshaft engines. The Hokum-B has distinctive maneuverability, that was derived from it's 2 coaxial contra-rotating main rotors. it's among the most maneuverable helicopters in the world. Armor of the Alligator withstands hits from 23-mm projectiles. Pilots are seated in ejection seats. It also can fly when one engine is disabled.

The Hokum-B contains a battlefield management system. It will exchange information with with similar helicopters or different helicopter types|, as well as third party sources. This helicopter is also supposed as an aerial command post for a bunch of helicopters. It provides target detection and coordinates the attacks.