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Dassault Super Etendard Light Weight Strike Fighter

Dassault Super Etendard Light Weight Strike FighterDassault Super Etendard Light Weight Strike Fighter

The Super Etendard is a carrier-based single-seat strike fighter introduced into service in 1978. it'} an updated version of the Etendard IVM. based on expertise gained throughout the Korean war (1950-53), French authorities drew up specifications for a lightweight interceptor. This definition was rapidly assimilated into a program for a lightweight tactical bomber that might also fulfil an air superiority mission. At the same time, NATO revealed its needs for the LWTSF (Light Weight Tactical Strike Fighter). In response, the Dassault company presented its Mirage and Etendard aircraft.

To meet the needs of each national and NATO programs, Dassault carried over the aerodynamic style of its Super-Mystère, applying it to smaller aircraft equipped with power plants that might reach transonic speeds while not afterburners. This led to the planning of the Mystère XXII (Etendard II), Mystère XXIV (Etendard IV) and Mystère XXVI (Etendard VI), developments that were outstanding for improving lift so take-off and landing became potential at reduced speeds.