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Su-30MKI India's Multi-role Aircraft

Su-30MKI India's Multi-role Aircraft
Su-30MKI India's Multi-role Aircraft
In 1993 Sukhoi converted the first series produced Su-30 demonstrator to market a multi-role version designated Su-30MK. MK kommercheskiy Modernizirovannyi foot ('modified commercial ") indicating that this new version has been developed especially for the export market.

Highlights of the new version would be an improved version of the multifunction fire control, depending on the needs the client. The air-ground capability of the aircraft is actually much higher and a variety of new missiles and bombs have been added to the choices of weapons. For the air-air role, the new RVV-AE (R -77) medium-range missiles active radar homing was added to the options.

The first customer for the role of various Su-30MK was India. To meet the demands of customers of Su-30MKI variant was developed. The Su-30MKI differs substantially from the original Su-30MK demonstrator.

The new variant is equipped with new engines canards and thrust vector control (TVC) that have limited maneuverability of the aircraft. The engine nozzles AL-31FP vector capable of up to 15 degrees vertically and laterally.

The Su-30MKI is equipped with the NIIP N011M multimode radar phased arrays, which is also the advanced radar Su-35/37. The IRST system was replaced with an updated version - OLS-30. The head-up display and navigation systems were replaced by the manufacturer Avionique systems Sextant French.