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AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter

AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack HelicopterAH-64D Apache Longbow Attack HelicopterAH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter PhotosLink

The AH-64D Apache Longbow is a remanufactured and upgraded version of the attack helicopter AH-64A Apache. The main changes to the Apache are the addition of a millimeter-wave radar Fire Control (FCR) system for target acquisition, fire and forget Longbow Hellfire air-ground missile, updated T700-GE engine-701C, and a complete integrated cabin. In addition, the aircraft receives improved survival, communications and navigation capabilities. Most existing capabilities of the AH-64A Apache are retained.

The AH-64D has been sent in two configurations. The AH-64D complete until all improvements included above. In addition, a version of the AH-64D [formerly designated the AH-64C] without the FCR was also to be deployed. This version does not count on the new frequency radar interferometer (RFI) or the improved engines, but receive other Longbow modifications. The AH-64D without FCR is capable of launching the Longbow Hellfire missile. Boeing delivered the first remanufactured Longbow Apache in March 1997. A total of 501 AH-64A Apache were to be upgraded to the AH-64D configuration, 227 of which will be equipped with the FCR.