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Saab JAS 39 Gripen Sweden Fighter Jet

Saab JAS 39 Gripen Sweden Fighter JetSaab JAS 39 Gripen Sweden Fighter JetSaab JAS 39 Gripen Sweden Fighter Jet Photos

Despite its small size, the JAS 39 Gripen is a true multi-role Fighter Jet, carrying all the electronics needed for each mission. Thus, a single aircraft will be able to replace the Viggen in all its versions. The JAS 39 is one of the lightest of the new generation of fighters of the late 90's. Its configuration is a delta canard, driven by a more potent derivative of the GE F404 engine.

The JAS 39 (Spaning Jakt Attack - fighter / attack / reconnaissance) is a new all-purpose fighter designed to replace all models of the Royal Air Force Viggens Swedish Draken and the rest in service. Small, agile and lightweight, the first delta wing, canard configured Gripen (Griffon) prototype made its maiden flight on December 8, 1988. The JAS 39 is truly a multi-role aircraft in every sense of the word.

Setting the combat aircraft, attack, or types of awards mission is to simply by modifying the software on-board computer and related systems. Data is transmitted to the pilot through three head forward and MFDs wide-angle HUD. For the enemy target, the MFD to the right of the pilot are the objective data acquired by the radar, FLIR, sensors and weapons. The total need for the Swedish Air Force stands at 300 aircraft to equip 16 squadrons.