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Panavia Tornado Multi-role aircraft

Panavia Tornado Multi-role aircraftPanavia Tornado Multi-role aircraftPanavia Tornado Multi-role aircraft Photos

Panavia Tornado is Multi-role aircraft developed and built in cooperation with England, Germany and Italy. It is a compact twin-engined variable-geometry aircraft. The Tornado was also the production of military aircraft with first flight controls-by-wire. There are strike attack (IDS), air defense (ADV) and electronic versions of War (ECR).

The ADV has an elongated nose. The original contractors bought 933 aircraft, but production is still underway in Saudi Arabia. The IDS version is considered a very effective attack aircraft, but the ADV has been criticized because it is a long-range interceptor with little capacity for dogfights. British Tornados Gr.4 IDS configuration will be updated. The loss of six Tornadoes during the 1992 Gulf War led to a storm of criticisim, most unwarranted. The paper used and the design of the aircraft is comparable to the U.S. ageF-111 Aardvark. The Tornado is probably one of the most versatile combat aircraft in history