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B-2 Spirit Stealth Strategic Bomber

B-2 Spirit Stealth Strategic BomberB-2 Spirit Stealth Strategic BomberB-2 Spirit Stealth Strategic Bomber Photos

Revealed November 22, 1988, the B-2 is a stealth strategic bomber which resulted from a program initiated in 1978. The first of six prototypes made its maiden flight on July 17, 1989, with testing scheduled to be completed in 1997. The B-2 is expressed in the form of a 'flying wing', gently contoured surfaces and rounded edges to help deflect the radar. Engine exhausts are positioned above and behind the front wing tip to help reduce the infrared signature. USAF's plan to acquire a total of 20 aircraft B-2A.

The B-2 is Spirit Stealth Strategic Bomber, a flying wing design with a smooth, rounded top, but angular wingtips and a double-edged-W at the end. All four engines are deeply buried in midwing section. The B-2 is difficult and expensive to operate, with 124 hours of maintenance per flight hour.