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Su-25 Frogfoot Anti-Tank Aircraft

Su-25 Frogfoot Anti-Tank AircraftSu-25 Frogfoot Anti-Tank AircraftSu-25 Frogfoot Anti-Tank Aircraft photos

Heavy armor and attack anti-tank aircraft. The Su-25 is a well-armed aircraft, capable of carrying a heavy load on his shoulders, put the wings. Compared with its U.S. counterpart, the A-10, is faster and more agile. The Su-25 saw combat in Afghanistan, and the experience led to major improvements. A naval version was built for the large carriers. Later models have more powerful R-195 engines.

The Su-25, which is no longer in series production, made its first flight in 1979. This single seat ground attack aircraft is a very durable airplane - it is quite heavily armed - and easy maintenance - service equipment can be stored in a container and transported by the aircraft itself. He is armed with a double barrel gun of 30 mm at the bottom of the fuselage with 250 rounds. There are 8 pylons under the wings, which can lead to about 4. 000 kg of air-ground weapons, including 57 mm to 330 mm rockets. There are two small towers outboard or AA-8/APHID AA-2D/ATOLL MEAs.

The wings are high-mounted and cone-shaped end with straight edges. There are pods mounted at the ends square. There are two turbojets mounted alongside the body under the wings. There are vents half point ahead of the leading wing edges. There tailpipes at the rear edge of the wings "at the end. The fuselage is long and thin and has a rounded nose. The body tapers to the rear that overhangs the exhausts. There is a stepped canopy . The tail is swept back and fin is tapered with a square toe. The floor-mounted mid-fuselage, unequally tapered with blunt tips.