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Eurofighter Typhoon Strike Fighter Aircraft

Eurofighter Typhoon Strike Fighter AircraftEurofighter Typhoon Strike Fighter AircraftEurofighter Typhoon Strike Fighter Aircraft Photos

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine multirole canard-delta strike fighter aircraft, designed and built by a consortium of European manufacturers in the aerospace industry, Eurofighter GmbH, formed in 1983.

The Eurofighter is the product of a consortium of British Aerospace, Deutsche Aerospace (Germany), Alenia (Italy) and CASA (Spain), with the United Kingdom and Germany providing technological leadership. In large-scale development since 1988, the Eurofighter is a £ 46,000, single-seat, twin-engine short takeoff and landing (STOL) multirole fighter optimized for air superiority in missile capability, both out of sight range (BVR) and close combat in agility, but also have air-ground capabilities.

Computer simulations (focusing on BVR air-air combat) conducted by European contractors and government agencies suggest that the Eurofighter is superior to all the U.S., Russia and European fighters examined, with the exception the F-22. While it is impossible to determine the validity of these findings, which indicate that the developers of the Eurofighter are aiming for very impressive capabilities.