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Chengdu J-10 Multi-role Fighter

Chengdu J-10 Multi-role FighterChengdu J-10 Multi-role FighterChengdu J-10 Multi-role Fighter Photos

J-10 (Project 8810 10/Project?) is a multi-role single-engine fighter being developed by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) and the Institute 611. Has been selected by PLAAF as the next generation fighter to replace the obsolete J-7 fighter and Q-5 attack aircraft. The plane seems to have a nose style of Su-27 and the air inlet rectangular shape, a type of AL-31F engine, twin nose wheels and a clear low visibility camouflage color scheme.

The aircraft also has a large vertical tail, and two F-16 style ventral stabilizers believed to provide greater stability at high AoA. Its fuselage is much longer compared to the Israeli Lavi. However, its bubble canopy appears less elevated than the F-16, suggesting that the pilot must possess a true vision of 360 degrees. Unlike J-7E with two delta wings, seems to have a pair of inverted gull wings (ie, the interior portion extends slightly downward, while the outer portion extends flat). Two red dummy PL-8 AAM are regularly under the wings too.